Autism Matters


Welcome to the Autism Matters Leadership Blog Hop!

With this blog hop, we hope to raise awareness and raise some CASH!!  We would love to have donations made to Autism Speaks.  You can click HERE to donate.

One thing that is very important is to provide support and encouragement to those that are taking care of an autistic person.  Often, there isn't a lot of appreciation shown for the day in and day out struggles associated with being a caretaker for an autistic person.  One small way is to send a card!  It seems small, but just think how a handmade card makes you feel when you open your mailbox!

Here is an idea or two for a card — feel free to use these or make your own!  Just don't forget to actually mail them! haha!



Both cards use the "You've Got This" Stamp Set!   Seems perfect for today's post!


Thanks for hopping with us!  Make sure you continue on by clicking the "next" button below!

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Here is a list of all the participants, in case you missed someone

Rose Marr

Lisa Curcio

Lee Conrey

Kylie Bertucci

Tammy Fite (you are here!)

Patty Chenail

Wendy Cranford

Amy Koenders

Susan Campfield


6 thoughts on “Autism Matters”

  1. Beautiful Tammy! So are you.. thanks for hopping on board with me this year and being such a support to me and others. You’re awesome and so are your cards! Love them.

  2. Love the two-tone cross-hatch background to create the colors on the rose card. Very nicely done. The ribbon over the background paper is BRILLIANT! Thanks for hopping with us!

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